Life is precious. Our life is blessed. And we have chosen to spend it together.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

3 weeks

Nolan, you are already 3 weeks old.  I can't stand how fast it goes.  EVERYONE says that is does but I wanted to be the exception.  You are most likely up to 7 lbs by now.  You were at 6 lb 10 oz at your 2 week appt.  You had already grown an inch and a quarter as well.  I like that you are getting taller :)Your belly is getting rounder but still no chub on your arms or legs.  You have managed to find your way to sleeping on mommy during the night.  It helps us get at least 2 -2.5 hrs of sleep as opposed to 1.5 hrs.  Anything at this point to feel rested in the morning.  We have got it down to 2-3 feedings at night which isn't so bad.  You like to stay awake in the middle of the night so I have had to find shows to watch on my Kindle.  I have made it through both seasons of Downton Abbey and now have started Parenthood (I thought it was appropriate). 

You have an impressive high pitch shreak/scream
You love the sound of running water
You track your head towards sounds...especially your Dad's
Your arms are still a little out of control
You have successfully pooped on mommy.
You barely fit into newborn clothes
You have a girlfriend named Tatum
You get the hiccups A LOT!
You are most happy when you are being held
You love the bath...hate getting out of the bath
You yawn really big
You refuse to keep your arms in when swaddled
You are spoiled by your family!

We love you Nollie Bear

Just like Grandpa Bill

Matchy matchy with Grandma

2nd date with Tatum Baumann

3 wks old

Auntie Stacey

Big Yawn

Spa day

Still not sure about the new rocker

Daddy's birthday
You and your buddy Briggs.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

35 Today

Happy Happy birthday to Matthew Carl Bourne.  He is the big "3-5" today.  My sister Ashley would consider this a milestone year given the 5 in there, but around here we look at as just another blessed year!  The surprise dinner had to be cancelled but his birthday is here and we partied this morning over coffee, a binkie, and a new iPad.  Matt you make me as happy as I have ever hoped to be.  Having you home these last two weeks starting our new life as parents has been harder, more productive, and sweeter than I thought it would be.  You have successfully managed to deal with my tears, finish many home projects, and become the head diaper changer.  I can't thank you enough for constantly looking out for my well being and opportunity to nap.  Nolan is so lucky to have a dad that is so involved and completely head over heels in love with him.  So cheers to my "man's man" on his 35th birthday.  LOVE YOU SO MUCH. 

Birthday morning!

Family photo...clearly no touch ups for the circles under my eyes.

Yes...its me mommy.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Long overdue introduction

After 2 long weeks, grandma finally made it home from her trip to Portugal.  It took 28 hours to get him into her arms. He was awake and ready to meet his grandma.  I loved watching them stare at one another knowing it was the first of many times I will stand back with a full heart watching these two fall in love with each other.  Matt got it all on video.  I am so grateful.  Mom, thank you for being here helping me become a mom.  Thank you for loving my son, and for thinking he is "just beautiful."

It doesn't get more real than this.  LOVE!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Bath time

No idea how to wash a tiny person in a big sink.  I know they make contraptions for this sort of thing but of course we didn't have one just laying around.  So put a towel in the sink and wing it.  Thanks to Tami we had the proper soap so the little man wasn't at any risk for allergies.  I love seeing him with nothing on...his skinny arms and legs, his round belly, and wet curly hair.  It is just another chance for Matt and I to see that he is absolutely perfect.  We love our Nolan.

please disregard all the items on the kitchen counter

Thank you Colleen for the cozy towel. 

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Man of many faces

Nolan is now 9 days old and we are starting to see many sides of him.  He is a sleepy boy but we are getting longer stretches with his eyes open and him hanging out with us.  In that time I have managed to catch a few of his many faces.  Some are still illuding me and my camera but I am doing my best. 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Our "36 weeker"

Who wouldn't want to recieve the most amazing gift they will ever recieve a month early??  Matt and I were absolutely SHOCKED when my water broke and it was baby time at 3:30 am 9/7.  Both of us went to bed abnormally late at 1:30 on Thursday night...only to have me change our lives forever with one trip to the bathroom.  I got up to go and walked back to the bedroom with a little something still running down my leg.  I couldn't believe that this MIGHT be what I thought it was.  After waiting about 15 mins I decided it was time to tell Matt.  He just kept asking if "I was sure."  The truth is I wasn't so I got online to read about it.  All signs pointed to it being my water breaking so I made "the call."  Dr. Levine (our OB) called back and told me we should come in.  Our bag wasn't packed and the car seat still had the tags on it but we did the best we could to think of all we would need in case we were to stay.  Once we got to Triage they confirmed that I was in fact in labor and wanted us to go walk for 2 hours.  Matt and I weren't up for a 2 hour walk so we came home and got some more things we needed.  Oh and I did the dishes.  Stace met us and we were back to Swedish by 8:00.  It was pretty much the craziest day of our lives.  Things progressed very naturally.  I was having contractions that were increasing in intensity, and pretty early on were about 5 mins apart.  I made it about 6 hours in labor before I made the call for the epidural.    I tried the birthing ball and the jacuzzi tub but nothing helped with the back labor and nausea.  The anesthesiologist became my best friend.  They did a great job and changed my entire birthing experience.  I was a happy happy camper.  I had to be told I was having contractions and couldn't have been happier.  They waited a while to check my progress but the first time they did I was already 3 cm dilated.  By 4:00 ( 12.5 hrs after water broke) I was fully dilated.  By this time the waiting area was full of love and anticipation of meeting our sweet prince.  Matt and I still couldn't believe that this day was here and that we were going to meet our son ( who still had no name).  After laboring down for 1.5 hours it was time to start pushing.  Our amazing nurse Brenda was incredibly encouraging and supportive which took away all my anxiety.  Pushing was a crazy experience.   I couldn't feel anything and had no idea what I was doing.  She assured me I was doing everything right and Matt and was there telling me how amazing I was.  I was truly surrounded by love and support with my sisters right by my side as well.  My contractions ended up being 10 mins apart which made for a rather boring couple of hours.  We kept joking that it was nothing like in the movies with all the screaming and panic.  Matt kept me calm and the drugs kept me happy.  I truly thought he was never going to come out.  BUT...after 3 hrs of pushing, we finally heard his first cries.  They heard it in the halls, and my mom heard them all the way over in Portugal.  Yes my mom missed the birth by one day.  Her absence was the only thing keeping this from being a PERFECT day.  I never imagined I wouldn't have my mom with me the day I delivered my son...but she has been with my every day since by way of video chat and text message.  I can't think about it because I start to cry. 

So here he was, this beautiful baby boy sitting on my chest wide awake taking it all in.  Matt and I just stared at him and stared at each other.  What on earth were we going to name him.  Our lists of names only had one we mutually agreed on but it still wasn't for sure.  The OB that delivered baby boy got a page from home so we asked her about her kids.  Stace and I wanted to hear her boys names for ideas.  When she told us her first born was "Nolan," the Ahlgrim's erupted.  Nolan was the only name Matt and I could agree on.  It was the sign we had been hoping for.  I guess that means that Nolan is named after our OB's son...well what ever it takes to fill out the birth certificate :) 

I am sure that I am leaving out plenty of details, but there were plenty of moments you can't actually put into words.  It has been the most fullfilling, tiring, heart warming, and humbling experience.  We are doing great.  Matt has been truly beyond amazing.  He never left my side at the hospital and continues to do everything he can while we are at home.  I have fallen even more in love with him through all of this.  It is really completing us to become parents together!

Nolan Matthew Bourne  6lb 8 oz 18.5 " born at 9:01 9/7/2012.

Nolan, you are more precious than we could have predicted.  Thank you for not being 4 weeks bigger for your poor mommy.  We love your unbelievable head of hair, your really big ear lobes, and of course your fuzzy shoulders.  I don't want you to get any bigger, but we can't wait to show you the world and see who you will become.  We love you beyond words, Mommy and Daddy!!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Mariner's game

So Heidi has become my Mariner's game buddy.  She has gotten me out for two games this season.  I was a little nervous about how my pregnant body would keep up.  It turns out a hot dog does a pregnant body good.  It was a pretty night and turned out to be a good baseball game.  I say that like I stayed passed the 6th inning...I didn't even get to sing the 7th inning stretch.  Way to go M's for beating the Red Sox.  Thank you Heidi for taking me and baby boy "out to the ball game."

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

lesson learned

There is a woman that works in my area of the hospital as a housekeeper.  In my head I was always thinking that she never seemed to be working, she moves slowly, and all I ever heard from here mouth were complaints.  I never understood how she kept her job.  So...very judgemental thoughts to say the least.  About a month ago she approached me as I was leaving a patient room to ask me about my baby.  She was very sweet and had kind words for my unborn child.   She told me she would knit him some booties...truthfully I didn't think anything of it and just told her that it would be very thoughtful of her.  Today she brought me these...

Sharon...a woman I hardly know...thank you for the booties...and for helping me learn that you never truly know a person's story or character from watching as an outsider.  What a generous kind hearted person she is.  She wanted to support me with out even knowing me...or baby boy of course.  This little man is so loved!