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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Baby book material, 19 months

I am feeling guilty lately that I am not making Nolan a baby book.  Not that I can remember the last time I looked at one I may or may not have...I don't even know.  I just keep telling myself I won't forget all the little details of his life.  That's crazy talk.  Lately I feel I can hardly remember stuff that happened earlier that day.  So...I am here for a 19 month update post.

Stats:  29.8 lbs (95%), head 99%, and height around 31 " (20%)
At his 18 month appt Dr. Scott suggested we come back in 3 months for a height check.  How is my kid such a shorty?  I really thought that I could help in the height department.  He may just be a late bloomer.  "Constitutional"growth they call it.  His stature is not even on my radar.  All that worries me now are his constant ear infections.  The poor kid gets one almost every couple weeks.  He has taken so many antibiotics in his life he doesn't even fight us anymore.  He takes it down like a champ.  So after multiple ear infection in a row require 2-3 rounds of antibiotics we are finally getting a referral to the otolarygology clinic.  The poor kid is destined for tubes.  From all the mom's I have talked to they were very pleased with the results for their unhappy little ones.  As of now I am not worried about the procedure.  But I don't know all the particulars.  I am sure I will be nervous as the day approaches.  But for now...I just sit here annoyed it may take until early June to get it done.  Poor guy.

Nolan is quite a talker.  I never know what he is saying but he is talking all the time.  As of recent however, more and more words are coming through a little clearer...

book, milk, bus, stuck, "where go," hot, dada, mama, apple, off, down, backpack, shoes, hat, truck, and of  He is really into books which are helping a ton.  He loves pointing out things he knows.  A lot of them animals.  Oh...animals sounds...snake, kitty, cow, dog, duck, tiger,

He is becoming quite the golfer.  He has his plastic "indoor" set, and real "outdoor" set. I feel like I am constantly telling him to keep it on the ground trying to save the dogs and drywall from injury.  But he really is learning to hold it with two hand and how to make contact with the ball.  Matt may get his dream after pro.  I hope we didn't jinx it by dressing him as a golfer for career day :)

For now he is an eating machine.  Loving yogurt more and more these days.  But still always has a taste for old reliable...broccoli.  He would eat his weight in raspberries if we let him.

It seems he has finally found a lovey for bed time...or should I say 2 loveys...his lion and bunny.  Both are the softest things I have ever felt.  It really is the cutest thing watching him reach out for them when we put him in his crib and then seeing him pull them close to his little sleepy face to snuggle.  Heartwarming to see him so sweet and gentle.  I can only hope it is nurturing his soft caring side that I hope he isn't ashamed to share as he grows into a strong boy and eventually a loving man.

Tantrum Town is no joke.  And it so doesn't start at 2...we hardly made it past 14 months before he started with the biting and throwing fits.  The latest tantrums are head banging on the floor (even on the concrete patio), spitting, and gagging himself.  How do you teach him not to hurt himself...I am really frustrated by it all.  The hardest part of it all is the reality that we are only at the beginning of this phase...lord help us.

We are very excited about the nice weather that we are coming into.  Nolan would stay outside all day long.  I can't keep him away from the dog water bowls.  He loves his time in the dirt with his shovel.  He is also showing some early interest in weeding with me...I am keeping my fingers crossed he really takes to it!!  We finally got him a kid sized broom to get a little child labor out of him.  We just need to work on the concept of sweeping the dirt back INTO the garden...not OUT of it.

Color crayons, and stray crayons tips litter our living room.  The kid loves to draw.  At this point...its mostly with his left hand.  Huh, I guess we will have to wait and see what becomes of that.  Although, He throws the ball with his right hand.  Pretty well in fact.  But of course we think our child is do most first time parents.  For instance, his ability to take things to the garbage...genius!

We are really in love with this little crazy.  For all the frustrating moments,  there seem to be 10 funny, happy, heartwarming, silly, and impressive ones.  Its mind blowing how quickly he is learning at this age.  I am already altering my vocabulary because of how much he seems to understand...and repeat. Toddlers are smart, fearless, and stubborn as all get out.  And I am so envious.

Picture time..

Nolan we love you!

Friday, January 24, 2014

new legs

Our late bloomer is finally walking.  Not quite walking wherever he needs to get to but he's trying. The furniture is still a major a comfort for him.  I don't blame him.  My butt is sore just watching him crash as much as he does.  I never knew how hard it would be to capture a video of it.  I would be ready and he wouldn't walk...he would walk and I wouldn't be ready.  We needed dad's help to make it happen.  It really has been such a joy watching him succeed at this milestone.  I have had my first feelings of parental pride.  It warms my heart.  He warms our hearts.  16 months and walking!

Friday, December 27, 2013

A very Merry Christmas

There was a lot of excitement around our house this year.  Not so much about Christmas...but about all the added lights in our house.  Nolan would point at the light up spheres we had in the house immediately after waking up in the morning or after nap.  He wanted them on ALL the time.  Which I loved of course.  He may get it from me.  Santa was a little more of a success.  There were no tears...but no smiles either.  Mostly a blank stare.  We printed the picture of Nolan and Santa looking at each other.  It was a very sweet moment.  We did our usual run around in order to see everyone.  Every year we say we won't do it again next year.  But I have yet to find it in my heart to say no to either family.  Nolan is quite an attraction for everyone.  Which we love.  We are truly blessed with family.  So I don't want to complain about having too many people that want to share in the spirit of the season with our son.   He is a spoiled little boy.  We walked to see christmas lights, Snowflake Lane with Lauren (Landin) and Brie (Riley, John, Tatum), and decorated gingerbread men.  Some old and some new traditions.