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Thursday, June 13, 2013

We all have a little Superhero in us

I was inspired to walk in the Superhero 5k by the onsie my mom bought "Super Nolan" for Christmas.  It seemed like the perfect occasion to put the gift to good use.  So I talked my mom, Ashley, and Brie into joining Nolan and I.  It turned out the be a really fun morning.  Brie was a super mom and ran the race while the rest of us walked.  It was a little over cast which was perfect walking weather.  There were superhero's everywhere.  And lot of super babies.  Nothing quite as original as our little Super Nolan.  He was a hit.

Go Brie!

Grandma love

Santa is totally a superhero!

super babies

super babies

action shot

This way!

Post race refreshment

9 Months Old

So Dr. Scott says he "looks great." I am so blessed to have a happy healthy boy.  Not much of a sleeper...but lucky for him I forget all about my middle of the night frustrations when he kicks and waves with a huge smile when I get him out of bed in the morning. He is still sleeping in the chair which must end soon.  He is quickly outgrowing it.  Getting him in the crib is going to be a huge battle.  One that Matt and I haven't been able to tackle yet.  Just when we would be mentally ready...Nolan would get sick again and need to sleep upright.  So we will see when the sleepless (even more than usual) nights will begin. I am not sure how my body has adjusted to no sleep but I guess it has.  He will sleep through the night at some point...right?

The last few months have turned my baby into a little man.  He is changing daily.  He wants to eat all the time.  He would eat 200 puffs a day if I let him.  He is learning to self feed with the puffs and turkey meatballs.  He loves them.  That and string cheese.  Other wise he still is loving carrots, turkey and rice, lunch meat and applesauce. He is chewing pretty good with his 6 teeth (4 on top, 2 on bottom).  He seems to be a meat lover.  Matt and I couldn't be happier.  I am still nursing  but this kid gets a lot of formula too.  It makes me feel less guilty about not giving him his vitamin D supplement.  Never did get into a routine with that.  We haven't had to give him is inhaler since we left Montana a few weeks ago.  We pray that he stays healthy with no more trips to the ER.  This healthy boy is a complete wiggle worm and we are waiting for him to crawl any day now.  He is much better on his stomach and can push himself around in circles but still no real crawling.  I am secretly fine with that.  I love that I can put him on the floor with his toys and can expect to find him in the relatively same place when I come back to get him.  He is rolling a little but I have only found him under a chair once so far.

He laughs, grunts, and screams these days.  Matt and I's favorite thing is the new game of grunting back and forth with him from the other room.  He is finding his voice that's for sure.  You know when he is mad (mostly when he is not being held or is left alone).  We tried so hard to raise an independent baby but I don't think it worked.  He is very clingy to mom right now (which is sweet for me).

Nolan's 9 month tricks/stats:
H- 29" (72%)
W- 22 lb 5 oz (86%)
HC- 47.4 cm (96%)
size 9-12 month clothes
size 4 diapers
sleeps 4-6 hour stretches ( at best)
stands holding table
learning to wave
he bites
picks up his own puffs
loves books
loves looking at himself in the mirror
finished swim class
bedtime routine with dad
obsessed with the dogs
sits up much better
splashing in the bath tub
loves being outside
lets me "brush" his teeth
switched to forward facing stroller
loves the swing



Nanny Jenna