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Friday, November 30, 2012

Its starting to look a lot like Christmas

It's not quite December yet but Christmas is here at the Bourne house.  Why not maximize time to enjoy the magic of the season.  It feels so special this year with Nolan here.  I am so excited to get to be a part of Christmas through a child's eyes.  I know that he has no idea what is going on but I can't get enough of him watching the lights on the tree or him laughing at my mistletoe headband (courtesy of my mom in 2010).  I can't imagine how awesome it is going to be to share this with him year after year.  As I type this he is mesmerized by a light up penguin I have hanging out with us (courtesy of Brie and Riley Baumann 2011).  I feel so blessed to be home from work spending my days with this special little man who is 12 wks old today.  When I found out I was pregnant and realized I would be on leave over the holidays I was so excited.  I couldn't have asked for a better time of year to be bonding with our first child and sharing our son with our families.  It is going to be a very Merry Christmas!

Christmas tree 2012

Nolan "The Reindeer" meeting Santa

Our tree is the one behind Matt

Horse cart ride

The "Muk" Bournes

The Bournes

Molbaks with Grandma

Cutest Elf

Grandma love

Auntie love

Of course we found penguins

My Blogging assistant

He was over the picture taking :)
A bad copy of our official picture with Santa!

Friday, November 23, 2012


So much to blog about...birthday and Thanksgiving. 

33 years happy with where I am at in my life.  I am so lucky to say that I have everything I have always wanted.  Well I always want new boots.  I usually have a count down for my birthday but this year it all felt so different.  I got my biggest gift in September and didn't need anything else.  The day had somehow lost a little bit of it significance.  Matt didn't want it to feel any less important though.  He treated me to a fabulous dinner out and day at the spa.  We had our first date night with Stacey home with Nolan!  I can't thank her enough for making it all possible.  Matt surprised me and took me to Kingfish Cafe.  It was awesome southern food complete with fried green tomatoes and fried chicken.  Oh and a couple glasses of wine which was greatly appreciated!!  Love your great choice in restuarant Matt!!

Birthday girls.

First date night for birthday

Thanksgiving...A long day but we got to spend quality time with both families.  The Mukilteo Bournes got us all out in the driveway for a little football throw around.  The cousins were so great with Nolan.  Connor walked him around and Cameron and Danica were doing everything they could to get him to smile.  It melted my heart watching the kids play with him.  Nolan was loving it smiling and laughing with them.  I am so excited for them to all grow up together.  Family is so special.  My parents house really wasn't any different.  More quality time with great grandparents, great aunts and uncles, cousins, aunties, and grandparents.  My mom did not turkey meal in a while.  Complete with amazing bbq'd brussel sprouts with bacon and crasins. 

Nolan was a hit

This is what  you get when you ask a 4 year old for a pic.

Cousin love

Melts my heart

Nona and Grandpa

Cousin Lexi and Auntie Ash

Things I am thankful for...
family.friends.great husband.healthy 2 month shower.iPhone camera/video sisters.sea salt caramels.nolans vibrate chair.freedom.fuzzy faith.girl god babies.our warm house.future dreams

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Mama's nights out

Me and my pump finally got to hit the town.  For 2 nights in a row no less. 

Night 1 I was treated to dinner and the theater by my mom, with my sisters and dear friend Connie.  I only wish the outing didnt start with a trip to the dentist...I broke my tooth on a peanut butter pretzel.  Thank goodness I didn't need a crown put on.  So with me left side numb I inhaled a sushi dinner and 2 glasses of wine.  Dinner ended with me in the hotel bathroon using the outlet near the sinks to pump.  Oh yes...people were coming in and out.  Stacey stayed with me as a blocker.  From what I know only 2 teenagers were traumatized by the scene (they were heard by my mom outside bathroom saying, "those girls were WEIRD").  Feeling much more comfortable we went to the awesome Paramount theater to see Wicked.  The actresses who played Elphaba and Glinda were unbelievable.  Such a great show.  Great birthday gift...thank you mom.

My mom and I...and Connies head :)

Birthday girls :)
I got home that evening to find out from Matt that Nolan was a total angel all night.  I was so excited because it meant Matt wasn't spent for night 2!!!

What I found when I got

Night 2...Hipcooks with Lauren and Brie.  What a fun night.  I was actually nervous about being in this cooking class but once we got started I settled in and realized no one cared what I was doing right or wrong.  We started with some knife skills.  Not sure they can be reproduced in my home kitchen (not sure they need to be).  Then we chopped cucumbers and ginger for the mango salsa, peeled roasted  peppers for the soup, and taste tested the pesto.  Round one was a pepper soup two ways and a glass of wine...FINALLY.  Then we coated our Ahi tuna steakes in sesame seeds and pan seared them in sesame oil.  We got smoked out a little bit...but like Brie kept pointing out..."it's legal now."  Good one Brie.  The final course was a strawberry sorbet and almond cookies.  One poor soul had to stand there and beat up the frozen strawberries in the vita-mixer.  We were pretty much checked out at that point.  Gabbing in the corner and enjoying girls night.  The night was a success however I hurried home to a supposedly crying baby...but lucky for me he tired himself out and was once again asleep when I got there :)  Kuddos to my awesome husband.  Thank you for the much needed time for me to feel like me.  I left my phone in my purse (got to carry a purse and not a diaper bag!) and didn't worry at all.  Nolan was in great hands!

Such great friends!  (you cant even tell Lauren is pregnant!)

Roasted pepper soup

Delicious Ahi Tuna and Mango Salsa

Me and Brie " Like the cheese"

Monday, November 12, 2012

"free portraits"

Nolan had his first obligatory studio portraits taken today.  It was everything I had direction from the photographer and no smile to be seen.  In the end we chose a photo of him sleeping.  He looks like a peaceful bundle of joy.  I couldn't have made it through with out my support team... grandma and auntie Stace.  So not much money was exchanged but I would hardly say the experience was free.  It wasn't free of stress,  annoying upselling, and a crowded waiting area.  But in the end we survived with a frame worthy picture of my little prince.  Thank you Brie for letting us know about this he is...

9 weeks old

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

2 months

I was nervous about going to his 2 month appointment because of the vaccines.  He turned more red than I have ever seen and he was hardly breathing between screams...but we got through it and 5 minutes later he was asleep.  Not at all as bad as I thought it was going to be.  Thank goodness.  Time is flying and the second month went faster than the first.  We are getting into more of a routine which is saving our sanity.  Though the time is going fast, it is proving to be the help we needed.  Nolan is getting older and we are getting wiser.  We are learning to trust our instincts which is exactly what everyone told us to do.  It feels great watching him grow bigger and happier.  We must be doing something right.  Ok are 2 months old today :)

Things you are doing:
You snore
You love to stick out your tongue
You SMILE and coo (it is the greatest sound I have ever heard)
You are so close to holding your head up
You have an impressive belly
You are wearing 3 month clothes
You still love the bath
You enjoy the outdoors
You startle easy when napping
You just started sleeping 2-3 hrs at a time during the night
You eat almost 4 oz from a bottle
You like your new rattle from Amy (first rattle)
You are getting the hang of tummy time
You somehow always end up with toe jam
You already have lots of friends

12 lb 4oz (50.2%)  23.25" (61.4%)  head 39.2 cm (52.0%)

First time tasting formula

Post bath hair

Tummy time

One of my favorites...look at that face

I mean come

He spends a lot of time in the vibration chair

Furry shoulders!
1st Presidential election...Yeah Obama (44th President)


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

back to therapy

I was excited that the rain stayed away for another couple days so that I could get rid of the sad looking flower has beens.  It felt good to put my knee pads on and get back in the garden.  I had to sneak it in while my assistant napped on the job.  Now the garden beds look refreshed and so is my mind.  It is nice to know that is still my escape.  And it is only just out my front door :)