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Thursday, February 28, 2013


Nolan has entered the world of solid foods.  I would say it was a rough introduction at best.  We started with sweet potatoes.  He didn't think much of them.  I do have to remind myself that he has no idea what a spoon is and why we are shoving it into his mouth.  It is clear it is going to take some practice.  I have been hesitant to try it all again.  Lets just say the sweet potatoes didn't stay down for long.  It was impressive really, the kind of mess this little kid can make.  He managed to cover himself, his sleeper chair, and the floor even.  Dad had to stay up past midnight that night to put the chair back together after being washed...we quickly learned that Nolan is not ready to sleep in the crib.  But that is a whole different topic.  So now after a couple weeks of moving past that traumatic event I tried some carrots today.  It went much better than expected.  We may just have a spoon feeder after all.  Now lets see if he can keep them down.


sweet potato

rice cereal

carrot mustache

Friday, February 15, 2013


The country Bournes and city Bournes got together for a lunch near Greenlake.  We made our way to the park for an impromptu play date.  Nolan is so lucky to have his older cousins show him around the playground.  We stayed away from the (one of few) merry-go-round...but we tried the slide and the swing.  No tears were shed...success!

We had to prop him up with Auntie D's coat.

He Likes it!


Connor loves holding him!!!

Knuckle sandwich

Cameron is awesome with him.


Friday, February 8, 2013


Nolan is 5 months and I am back to work.  I am shocked at how quickly we got here.  As for felt good to put the scrubs back on.  The mornings went better than I anticipated, and the days went by fast.  The work load was light which was nice for me to ease in slowly.  The screen looked fuzzy and I felt a little rusty, but it went well over all.  Now to Nolan, I can't believe you are 5 months old.  You are so fun right now.  You were sleeping great (until 2 nights ago), but now seem to have a little cough.  Please don't get sick on me.

Nolan at 5 months...
You now have tears
You love  your blue cow blankie
You want to be held all the time
You started rice cereal...some from a spoon but mostly in the bottle
You found your feet and grab for your toes
You suck your thumb
You rolled over once from tummy to back
You are home with the nanny Jenna
You hate the Bumbo chair
You have learned to scream
You love facing out in the Bjorn baby carrier
You wear size 3 diaper
You wear 6 month clothes because you are really long
We don't know your height and weight until 6 months
You laugh when dad raises you above his head
You are a terrible napper

Thank you for talking to us and laughing at our jokes...we love more than you could ever know!!

Not quite sitting up

rice cereal face

Sunny walk 2/7/13

Hanging with Mr. Fox