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Friday, March 29, 2013

March iPhone photo dump

I am totally copying Meghan and Brie (my blogging mentors) with the always entertaining photo dump.  This has been a great month and here is why...

Dinner with the Schmidt's at Mistral Kitchen

Briggs Mustache parrty

Family Photo

Art work from an African artist I bought at my work for Nolan

Tom's 75th birthday...1st trip to bowling alley

Free spin class on Fridays

Hanging out with Simone 

We finally met Ella Young

Like father like son

Hot dog shirt!

First Easter egg dying

Griffin lovin on Phoebe

Baby Turner is here 3/26/13

Baby jail


day at the Locks

Saddle up

My little Nolan Rabbit
Girls night out
Grandpa Bill

No comment

Thursday, March 14, 2013

First tooth

Finally after weeks of drooling and seeming fussy we have a break through...first tooth on the bottom right front.  Auntie Stace pointed it out on Tuesday 3/12/13.  Grandma thought she saw it on Monday but it wasn't confirmed until the next day.  Pretty exciting stuff.  We were prepared with the teething tablets...but who knows if they really do much.  But the placebo effect may be enough for me right now.  Matt and I are loving these small little milestones.  It is pretty crazy to watch it all happen to our little Nollie Bear. How are you becoming a little boy so fast?

Can't believe I actually got a picture of it

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Half Birthday!!!

This has been the fastest 6 months of my life.  Our little newborn is a full fledged baby now.  He is eating solid foods, almost sitting up, and laughs at our crazy faces we can't help but make to hear his giggles.  I have heard that it has been proven that parents have more wrinkles because of the funny faces they make at their kids and I am here to tell you they are totally worth it.  When he smiles at me with those beautiful blue eyes...there is nothing I wouldn't do for him ( or let him get away with).  I have had to tell him "NO" a couple times when he pinches or pulls hair...he gets a perplexed look on his face and then smiles because he already knows we can't stay mad at him.  He is such a love.  Still whines and cries when he is left alone or put down...but for the most part he is a happy kid.  As long as Sophie the Giraffe is around.  It is amazing how babies love that French import.  Nolan's really is from France by the way...courtesy of Denise and her european connections.  Anyway.  We think some teeth are coming in but we can't see them for sure.  We are a little nervous about getting through the fussiness of teething.  Not sure the teething tablets are going to help me get a good nights sleep.  But I am not above trying either.  I would say Nolan's new "trick" is not one of my favorites...screaming/screeching.  You can see him learning to make new noises and sounds which is cute but the sound that comes out...not so much.  Sort of reminds me of Dumb and Dumber when he asks
Harry if he wants to hear the most annoying sound in the world.  Nolan can use it as a torture tactic for sure.  Don't get me wrong...we still laugh or smile when he does it...we just try not to have  him right next to our ear for fear of permanent damage. I guess its payback that I have a loud child...he may get it from his mom :)

Nolan Matthew Bourne at 6 months:
weight- 18lb 9.5 oz (68%)
height-  27"(65%)
head-   45.4 cm (94%)... Is anyone surprised?

Ok Ok...last picture

Practicing wearing his new shades

Where is the Dr.?

Dad time