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Monday, July 15, 2013

Crib cam

Matt and I NEVER thought we would get Nolan out of his rocker sleeper chair into his crib.  He started sleeping in at around 5 weeks old when we decided he possibly had reflux and needed to sleep at an incline.  4 attempts and 3 respiratory illnesses later...We have our crib sleeper.  The end of June we mentally prepared to sacrifice a weekend of sleepless nights to get over the huge hurdle of ditching the chair Nolan was literally growing out of.  Little did we know Nolan was ready, we were ready, and so it happened.  We knew we were getting somewhere when he started napping in there for 2 hours or so.  Then the stretches got longer and longer.  It seems he is a belly sleeper and now is sleeping more or less through the night. I will admit to watching the monitor for way too long to make sure he was breathing.  First time mom syndrome.  But now I have to say the monitor is mostly for entertainment purposes.  I love seeing how contorted he gets, listening to him talking to his bed buddies, and crossing my fingers that he won't actually pull himself up to standing.  But that''s a whole nother blog post.  So, finally at 9 months old he is in his crib and we are getting a lot more sleep!  Some favorites from the crib cam...

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Aloha...Maui 2013

Maui was the perfect place for a mother daughter vacation.  Nolan got to tag along.  But really, we were all on vacation with Nolan.  Travelling with an infant is a much difference experience.  He did very well overall but man nap times can ruin a beach day.  We got through the first flight on the way over with flying colors.  First class is the way to go!

The first night did not well but what can you expect with the time change.  He didn't sleep much longer than 1 hour stretches.  We all took turns making him happy but in the end it took 2 walks in the middle of the night just to get us to 7:00 as an acceptable time to be up for the day.  My mom and sisters were beyond helpful.  They entertained him, walked him, distracted him, danced with him, fed him, swam with him, and of coursed loved on him.  Their patience in beyond measure.

Maui was its usual beautiful self.  The weather was perfect, the water was amazing, and the beach was picturesque.  We walked miles and miles on the beach walk and spent hours with our feet in the sand.  We found sea shells, saw spinner dolphins,  ran into a high school friend, drank frozen drinks and played a new late night card game "Cards for Humanity".

I am hoping this is the first of an annual tradition.  Nolan's good behavior on the airplane make me feel like we are ready for more.   It may be early to say, but he might be a jet setter at heart.

My beautiful sisters

Matching suits...Stacey is mortified

Helping me decide on dinner

Beautiful mother/grandmother

Pool Time


First beach day

Our beach Cabana

5:30 am
5:30 am walk

My little Magnum PI

Kapalua Bay Course

Kaanapali Beach