Life is precious. Our life is blessed. And we have chosen to spend it together.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pure love

I always thought that my sisters would be over the moon in love with my son but that doesn't even begin to describe the way they look at him.  He is such a lucky little man.  Stacey has been spending every Monday with us which is such a blessing.  It has allowed for trips to Costco, Trader Joes, and Target.  She is so good with him.  I should have known she would be so willing to help considering she called him "our baby."  She has stepped up in a big way.  I can't thank her enough for all her help and patience.  Matt and I love having her and Porter here.  Ashley has been making it over at least once a week for a lunch date.  I love having her work so close in the city.  She gets to come snuggle during the day which is a treat for Nolan.  And a little break for me :)  They were there all day with me in the hospital and were right beside me when baby boy took his first breathe.  Love my sisters...his aunties!!

Holding hands while watching TV :)


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

baby weight

How on earth am I supposed to find time to work out and take care of myself?  The weather did cooperate early on for walks, but now I can't rely on time outside for Nolan and I. Today Nolan was a happy camper in his vibration chair so I brought him to the garage for some time on the eliptical machine.  I lasted all of five minutes with Nolan screaming every second of it.  Back to the drawing board.  This is going to take some serious motivation and dedication.  I just want my body back. 

Nolan, you are worth every extra pound...

2 days old
6 wks old

Sunday, October 21, 2012

The men...

 Nolan is so lucky to have such great role models in his life.  He is the first boy on my side...but there certainly isn't a shortage of great men to teach Nolan life's lessons...

Golf, wood working, hunting, mowing the lawn, football, finance, fishing, commitment, writing, soccer, card playing, coin collecting, etc. 


Grandpa Bill

Grandpa Marvin

Great Grandpa Popich

Uncle Jason

Uncle Mark

Cousin Andre and Uncle Rocco
Uncle Tom

Cousin Griffin

Cousin Connor

Cousin Jeff

Uncle Patrick

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Poor sick boy

First mom I take Nolan to the doctor??  Is he more stuffy than normal, am I being paranoid, is his reflux better from the meds?  I was going back and forth about what to do and how to describe what was going on.  After some help from good friends, I decided to take him in.  What was the worst thing that could happen, they tell me he is healthy, or they prove my instincts were right?  It turns out poor boy has an ear infection on top of the bad gas and reflux.  It helps explain the fussy ness.  So at only 5 wks old he is already on 2 medications and still isn't feeling well.  I am not sleeping because he sounds so awful and stuffed up that I think he going to stop breathing.  Parenthood is proving to be the biggest challenge I have ever faced in my whole life.  I just want him to be happy and healthy.  I wish there was more we could do.  I think this is the first time of many in his life that I am going to feel this way.  Thank you for the challenge Nolan...We love all 9lb 2oz of you :)

Sunday, October 7, 2012

1 Month

Nolan, I can't believe you are a month old.  You were supposed to be only a few days old.  You were supposed to be an October baby...remember me telling you that over and over :)  Good for you for being your own little person and coming when you were ready.  You are doing good as a one month old.  We have no real idea how much you weigh but I would bet you are in the upper 7 lbs.  We won't know for sure until you are 2 months (next dr visit).  You are starting to fit into some 0-3 month clothes.  We just bumped you up to size 1 diapers.  You are still eating about every hour and a half during the day.  We had a break through night last night thanks to Meghan B...she said you would sleep better tightly swaddled and she was right.  You slept from 2-5 and then 5-8.  ALL IN YOUR CO-SLEEPER.  Dad and I were so excited!  We still aren't sure if this will be the new normal.  But we pray it is.  We are trying to deal with potential reflux issues.  We got you some meds at Rite Aid where I saw and chatted with Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam).  He gave me a couple of cool guitar pics.  Ashley was the brave one who approached him (even though she didnt know who he was...she's too young :))  So that made for an exciting trip to the pharmacy.  It is the second time I have seen him there.  Maybe again someday.  Anyway, back to my son.  You are a sweet sweet boy who sometimes seems to watch tv, doesn't mind Murphy's big kisses, and has taking a liking to the noise machine.  We love you "stink bug."

Good sad face!

Love your cheeks

Friday, October 5, 2012

i am really a mom

I made a phone call today regarding "my son."  When I said it I couldn't help but feel amazed.  I have been dreaming about some one calling me mom for a long time.  Now I have this little life in my arms needing me for his every happiness.   I love being the fix to most of his problems.  Feeling needed like that is a special thing.  I cherish the time we have together when I am nursing him.  Maybe I don't love it every hour and a half through out the night...but when I sit there looking at his precious little cheeks and stiff legs, I can't help but love knowing there is nothing else in the world I need to be doing at that moment.  4 weeks ago today Nolan made his grand entrance into this world and our lives are so much sweeter.  I can't say I have gotten used to the lack of sleep but I am making it through.  On average I don't get out of bed until 10:30-11:00.  The days go fast when I only have to deal with the later half of them.  Now working up to more chores and more outings.  I still need to feel like I have accomplished something when the day is done...and keeping Nolan taken care of doesn't count for some reason (even though it's a lot of work).  I have been super spoiled with visitors and people wanting to help.  It really helps with my mood and my energy.  Knowing how loved Nolan is overwhelms Matt and I.  I know people are here mostly to see him...I am ok with that :)  He is worth the long drive to West Seattle.  So... a month into this and I am back in my normal jeans and drinking wine.  Starting to see a better version of myself when I look in the mirror...I see Alicia, "Nolan's Mom."