Life is precious. Our life is blessed. And we have chosen to spend it together.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Pregnancy is no joke!

I am sitting here at home instead of work because my back can't keep up with a busy weekend and no sleep. I have been trying to be tough and work right through but this isn't quite the situation you just work through.  I have to think about my baby boy in there you know :)  I am trying to take everyone's advice and listen to my body and take it easy when needed.  So today I will blog and relax :) 

34 weeks 6 days...

I can still say that I have had a completely unevently pregnancy.  I am very lucky that I have been feeling good right through.  I have good days and bad days with my hips but no real added discomforts.  So far I think I have gained about 25 lbs.  It is all boobs and baby.  Shoot...I'll take that.  The last couple of weeks have been warmer, being August and all, which is brought on some mild swelling.  As to be expected...but what wasn't expected was how sore my feet would get when walking.  Every morning I wake up and for the first couple of hours my feet hurt to walk.  What is that about.  No bueno.  Luckily I can sort of walk it off and be ok...just me being whiney I guess.  Isn't that what people expect from a pregnany lady after all.  I am down to wearing only my wedding band because my sausage fingers couldn't handle the bling. 

Matt's cousin Jeff and his wife Shannon just had their beautiful daughter Olivia Woods on saturday.  We couldn't be more happy for them.  Just like Matt and I they had a long rode to getting pregnant, so wouldn't we end up being only 4 weeks apart.  Are you seeing what I am getting that their baby is here, we are next.  It makes me excited but a little bit anxious. 

So to baby boy Bourne...

Your room is ready, mommy and daddy's hearts can't wait to love you (more than we already do), and your family asks about you all the time.  So when October rolls around feel free to pick your favorite number between 1 and 11 and we can call it your birthday.  11 is mommie's favorite... I am just sayin.  Just be warned, we may need your help naming you. 

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Vino party 2012

Matt had a vision for the summer time wine party on our patio...and I would say it turned better than we would have thought.  He really thought of everything and made it happen.  The wine glasses were lined up, the bottles were labelled and ordered, and score cards were ready.  The sun was shining creating the perfect day for a fiesta.  We had a great mix of friends and family which we both wish could happen more often.  People brought great food and all seemed to enjoy the festivities.  I would say that in a perfect world we would not have hosted such a party with me being 34 weeks pregnant but I held strong.  Only one tasting for me and of course I picked my favorite...Mark Ryan "The Dissident."  I am not sure if a crowd favorite was revealed but we did have big winners in the tasting competition.  Wouldn't it be the most competitive people I know... My sister Ashley and her boyfriend Scott, along with my brother-in-law Jason and his wife Danice Bourne.  Here are some memories caught on camera :)     

White tape for whites, and red tape for reds...duh!

Tasting station.  Yes Matt used a straight edge to line them up :)

Perfect party patio.

Just waiting for the games to start.

Amy...super helper!

No the red was not planned.

Gina, Katie, and Jim.

"The Dream Team"...Ben, Zeb, Bill

Jean Francois "J.F.", Amy, Scott I know where I get the stripe thing from.  Love 'em!

Stace, Meghan, Briggs Blalock!

Matt and Ben

Sydney...perfect combo of Gina and Ben.  Cute beyond words!

Zeb and Briggs performing for the crowd!

Cool guys...Jason and Scott.  No, they really are cool.

Love my bearded man!

Checking score cards...

Charlie and Kim, and our awesome neighbors Andrew and Lorna.

The Ahlgrims...not sure where Ashley is. 

The winners are revealed!

The losers are revealed.  But yes they got prizes...huge lighters!

The other losers...a tie for last place.

Julie and Marvin Miller

The "Hangover."

Jason showing off first place prize...A "corkatoo" of course.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Cheers to our 3 years!

Today Matt and I reflected about the past 3 years of marriage over a fabulous dinner at Dahlia Lounge.  It was a surprise which was fun.  Way to go Matt...great choice.  I feel so blessed to be here, on the verge of starting our family, more in love with the man I chose to spend my life with.  He believes in me, believes in us, and isn't affraid to work hard to make sure things are done right.  He is helping balance me that way.  He is teaching me that shortcuts aren't the answer, and if you are going to do something, do it right.  I think that sounds like a pretty great approach to marriage and life to me.  So to have made me confident, fullfilled, stronger, and happier as each year has passed.  I love believing that the best is yet to come.  I love you and love us.  3 years has gone quickly...but we have done a pretty good job of enjoying the ride!

The night we got engaged! 7-12-08

The moment we first saw each other on our wedding day 8-22-2009

Our first journey together as husband and wife. 8-22-2009

3 years later with a bun in the oven (34 weeks today).
Ok so the food...don't forget I am pregnant and these things should not go unmentioned. 

First course...bread salad and prosseco.

Main course...crab cakes with heirloom tomatoe/cucumber salad.

Matt's flat iron steak, grilled watermelon, and AMAZING potatoe salad.

Dessert...flourless chocolate cake with rasberry sortbet, AND, their made to order donuts.  I may have used my fingers to enjoy the cinnamon/sugar mountain left on the plate of donuts. 
It was a really great evening with my main squeeze.  Not sure how many more we will get before he gets here.  Baby boy will seriously be the cherry on top of this very blessed life we live!

Monday, August 20, 2012

2nd Annual Golf Tourney for Rondi maybe it was the best ball tournament from last year but we still made a day of it golfing up in Burlington at Avalon Golf Club.  My mom once again amazed all of us making it through a round of golf with a healing broken wrist.  It certainly has not slowed her down.  I acted as the cart driver for most of the day but did end up Teeing off at the 10th hole.  It went as far and as straight as I hoped it would so I let that stand as my pregnant golfing experience.  I needed baby boy to get his first taste of the golf course.  It turned out to be a perfect golf day with no hot sun or wind to deal with.  Here are some highlights from the course.

The men...Tom, Scott, Bill, Matt

The ladies...Stace, Ashley, Birthday girl

This is what happened when my dad hit the 150 marker from about 20 yards back...couldn't do it again if he tried!

Me as driver/ caddy

Stace is really becoming a good golfer.

The Bournes :)

Matt's chip shot...please note the ball on right side of pic...nice catch iPhone.

My swing was more natural than I thought it would be.

It felt good to just go for it!

Prettiest hole on the course.

Tee box looking out over the valley.

Sadly my Dad spent lots of time in the sand :(

Go Dad!