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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

All my kids

Matt and I couldn't be happier about the way the dogs are adjusting to having Nolan in the house.  After a rough first night...a couple accidents in the house...we love watching them interact with him.  Nolan isn't quite aware of them just yet but he is starting to look around when they walk by.  Murphy is really good at gentle kisses.  Luckily he goes for the hands most often.  I am not going to lie...Nolan has been licked in the mouth a few times.  Phoebe can be found right by his side when ever he is crying.  I love seeing them act concerned when Nolan isn't happy.  Overall I would say we are a happy family of 5.  Phew!


Friday, December 7, 2012

3 months...I can't believe it

Nolan Matthew Bourne...How on earth has it been 3 months?  We are really in a much happier place as a family.  You are smiling and laughing and SLEEPING.  You are really melting our hearts with more of your personality coming through.  You have more time smiling away...but when you get mad, you really get mad.  I mean bright red, not breathing during screaming mad.  But we still love you more than words can say. 

What is Nolan doing these days...
sleeping for 4-5 hour stretches
eating 4-5 oz in a bottle
wearing size 2 diapers
wearing size 3-6 month clothes
you are a talker
sucking on your hand
super kicking your legs
you love the changing table and naked time
still love staring at lights
started liking your mobile
you make bubbles
getting a bald spot from rolling your head back and forth

Here's how cute you are

My favorite picture to date!

Doesn't do the belly justice

Happy Boy!!

No his hair is not red!